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[PFRPG] Tome of Monsters $10.00
Publisher: Purple Duck Games
by Dark M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/21/2011 16:09:33

Tome of Monsters by 4 Wind Fantasy Gaming

This product is 118 pages long. It starts with a cover, intro, ToC, and credits. (5 pages)

Monsters (108 pages) There is 120+ monsters in the book. Below is a list of the monsters in the book not counting variations. The CR's range from 1/8 to 20, the vast majority though are CR 6 or below. There is a nice mix of humanoid, outsider, fey, magical, mundane animal etc types in the book. Pretty much everything is covered. For creatures taken from real world myths they have a small side bar explaining where they came from. Abada unicorn Abaia Abassy (demon) Aether elemental (elemental) Altamaha Apparition Archangel (template) Badgerhound Beaver Bhoot Blue drake (drake) Bonnacon Boo hag (hag) Brayun Cactus cat Cave troll (troll) Cerastes Cherub (angel) Chindi Clockwork bat (clockwork familiar) Clockwork cat (clockwork familiar) Clockwork dog (clockwork familiar) Clockwork owl (clockwork familiar) Clockwork rat (clockwork familiar) Clockwork snake (clockwork familiar) Clockwork spider (clockwork familiar) Coyote Dipsa Dire weasel Drekavac Ekatonkier Elk Erlking Fachan Fallen cherub (demon) Felid (template) Feykissed (template) Fire drake (drake) Fluttermouse Flying barracuda Flying Koi Flying piranha Flying stingray Goatman Golden eagle Greater succubus (demon) Gremlin Grindylow Ground squirrel Hedgehog Hihi Hypnalis Ice drake (drake) Intelligent ape Jack-o’-lantern Jackalope Keythong Kongamato Lavellan Leprechaun Lesser phoenix Likho Machlyes (human) Mannegishi Narecnitsi Neanderthal (human) Nightmarchers Ophan (angel) Orobas (devil) Orthus Otso Otter Parrot Peacock Pesanta Pika Plague demon (demon) Prote Psoglav Pygmy troll (troll) Qareen Rabbit Raccoon Red fox Redcap Rizos Robin Rock troll (troll) Rusalka Sand drake (drake) Sasquatch Seal Seraph (angel) Scarecrow Selkie Seps Shadow troll (troll) Shen Shedim (devil) Silverlight Simarghul Siren Slime devil (devil) Snow tiger Spearfinger hag (hag) Squirrel Steppe bison Throach Thunderbird Totem animal (template) Uncegila Valkyrie (angel) Valva Water cat Wendigo Werecat (lycanthrope) Wild cat Winged monkey Wood troll (troll) Woodrat Xana Ypotryll Ziburinis (template)

It ends with a appendix, OGL, and back cover. (5 pages)

Closing thoughts. The artwork is black and white and ranges from meh to pretty good. Layout and editing is good, there was a few errors. But that is to be expected to a point in a book this large. There was a few stat block aspects that don't fit the Pathfinder formula, personally that doesn't bother me as I consider them more a rule of thumb than absolute rules on monster creation. The CR's for the most part with out play testing them look fairly good, there was a few I thought maybe should have been higher or lower, but hard to say with out using them first.

I will be honest I find reviewing monster books fairly hard. I am not a huge number cruncher, which makes it harder for me to notice them. I tend to pick some at random and check them. Also it is hard to truly judge a CR with out playing with it first. As far as the monsters, some I thought was pretty cool, some I was meh about and most where pretty good. So what's my rating? Well this is more based on personal opinion that most of my reviews for the reason given already, but I am going to personally give it a 4 star review.

Trust me, I'm a Succubus.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thanks so much for the review, DM!
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[PFRPG] Tome of Monsters
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