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Class Options Vol. 3: Rangers Renewed $4.15
Publisher: Gun Metal Games
by Timothy L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/02/2011 18:08:48

I've gotten to the point where my biggest complaint about Gun Metal Games is that they don't release Class Options more often. Then again, maybe the long time between releases is part of what makes these PDFs such high quality. Rangers Renewed in particular includes options to make a LOT of things possible that I've either always wanted, or didn't know I wanted until I saw it.

First are a series of alternate class abilities, including Favored Companion (get an animal companion from first level, but no Favored Enemy), Favored Weapon (focus on a combat style to the exclusion of a Favored Terrain - powerful, but very cool), Urban Rangers, alternate options for Hunter's Bond, options to focus on a single Favored Enemy or Terrain for additional bonuses but less variety (again, maybe a bit powerful if your campaign is very centered, but probably a fair trade for the lack of versatility in most games), and several others. There are also two alternate Capstone abilities, which means this PDF provides good options for all 20 levels of a Ranger's career.

Next we're introduced to some new combat styles, something I've always loved to see for rangers. Greataxe Fighter, Rapier and Spear-Fighter each open up a new specific weapon for the Ranger, Mounted Combat will be great for any plains outrider types, while Beast Master and Runner each focus on less combat-specific applications of the Ranger. There's also the Trapper for bolos and nets, a Mage Killer, and the Wild-Born Ranger which actually gains a bite attack.

Spell-less Rangers are another personal favorite of mine. Rangers Renewed presents an option reminiscent of something I once saw a 3.5 3PP: the Ranger gives up spells to gain additional abilities related to their Combat Style. Each option is very interesting, great flavor and appropriate power, and are rarely something that can easily be reproduced by just another feat. On the downside, they don't kick in until 11th level, leaving a Spell-less Ranger between 4th and 11th levels in something of a lurch.

Finally we get new feats, mostly animal companion-related or to fill out combat styles such as Spear Fighter or Wild-Born Ranger that didn't have enough appropriate feats in core. That said, there are options for traditional rangers as well, including a few fun things for archers.

There's only three pieces of artwork, but all three are PRETTY. Format's clean, wording is clear, and overall this is just a great product. I HIGHLY recommend it.

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Class Options Vol. 3: Rangers Renewed
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