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Castles & Crusades DA1 Dark Journey $9.99 $4.68
Publisher: Troll Lord Games
by Mark C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/24/2011 11:15:28

The Bad: Unexplained areas ‘K1’-‘K5’ on the first level and ‘T/T’s on level 2.

The Good: Every room has a great description and layout, I knew were things were in the room based on the descriptions given. The dungeon has a mix of everything, traps, puzzles, combat, deserted areas for the party to catch their breath in and a maze.

The Awesome: A 100 areas of fun, four new monsters and a great assortment of treasure for lower level characters.

This is a solid dungeon delving adventure that I was able to drop into an existing campaign with no problems. Each area of the dungeon comes with its own description and the stats/treasure of anything within that area. I love the combination of traps/riddles/combat; it hit the sweet spot for my group of players who tend to be heavy on the brawn, but get frustrated with overly complex puzzles.

I read the adventure through a few times before hand and modified the ‘K’ and ‘T/T’ areas on the map, plus changed one sequence of rooms on level two and the ‘end encounter’ with the bad guys to reflect my group of players, these changes were by no means necessary the module is excellent as written. However ‘Dark Journey’ easily lends itself to this sort of re-modeling to throw in that little something extra for your players. I can see myself reusing it as an introductory adventure to Castles and Crusades with new players in the future and can’t wait for Kim Harsfield’s next work.

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Castles & Crusades DA1 Dark Journey
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