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d20/Pathfinder Battlemaps: 3 battle maps $19.99 $6.99
Publisher: Conflict Games, LLC
by Erathoniel W. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 06/25/2011 23:12:14

These maps are exactly what the title says (For those who failed to read it, "HI-RES BATTLEMAP PACK"). They do this job quite well, being at respectable dimensions (not quite what I'd call high-resolution for printing, but high-resolution for on-screen if you don't zoom in too far). They'd work with a virtual tabletop, probably, assuming it didn't fuss too much about resolution and scaling on their grid (if they have one), in which case you may have to mess around with it.

It's good, and I like it a lot. The one thing I do feel could hurt it is that it is an Unreal-Tournament map styled pack, so you can't get too much normal story-driven play, but you could have a ton of fun with it in a competitive session, or as an courtyard or whatnot.

That said, high-res screams that it's at a print-ready dpi, which it isn't really. I mean, you could, but I'd have gripes with doing so. It's better than a lot of stuff, but it still just feels like they were afraid to burn more than 3 megabytes on a map and were religiously trying to reduce file size at cost of quality. Speaking of which- file formats. I love jpeg as much as the next guy, so I try to burn it and throw it away as much as possible. Seriously bad format. But better than the gif one of the maps is inexplicably in. If it were in .png format, my gripes would be pointless, but I'm curious as to the choices for the format.

The quality is decent, but there are a few underlying issues that hurt this product when the time comes to rate it. It's just not high enough resolution to advertise as being such, and the formats used are questionable.

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d20/Pathfinder Battlemaps: 3 battle maps
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