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Battlemap - Kryos family crypt $0.00
Publisher: Lord Zsezse Works
by Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 06/27/2011 12:51:19

As usual for Lord Zsezse Works battlemaps, the Kryos Family Crypt features excellent and imaginative artwork. In this case, you get an entire family crypt—really a small dungeon with about a dozen possible significant areas. Stone architecture and furniture (sarcophagi and the like) dominate this map. The map includes several blotches of flat blue or gray coloration; I’m not exactly sure whether they’re supposed to be puddles of water, slime, or something else. The product includes printable battlemaps, of course, but also top-down and isometric overviews in both color and black-and-white. Poster-sized views and a JPEG overview for use on virtual tabletops round out the product. Also as usual for LZW products, the English text begs for editing; sentences like “I remember I read between the library’s old paper coils from prison break and enormous beings” evoke confusion or giggles rather than sparking a dark imagination. Also, be sure your printer doesn’t need more than half-inch margin on each side, or parts of the map will be cut off.

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Battlemap - Kryos family crypt
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