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Vampire Translation Guide $3.99
Publisher: White Wolf
by Holden S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/27/2011 15:15:28

There are some excellent reviews of the product's contents below this one, I'll let them speak for themselves (short version: if you want Requiem in your Masquerade, Masquerade in your Requiem, or to run one game with the rules of the other, get this). I just bought the Print-on-Demand version of this book, so that's what I'll be reviewing here:

In short, it's lovely. The PoD book is full-color, with paper that feels rich and slick to the touch, but isn't glossy or cheap magazine-paper. It's a slim but sturdy book with a real binding--no staples. The colors are vivid and pop out, especially the red wash at the margins-- and the margins themselves are very clean. No dead white space around the edge or anything. It looks like traditional print.

Anyone with worries about print-on-demand quality, forget about them. The serial page added to the back of the book is the only giveaway that this wasn't printed by traditional means. I've gotten similarly-sized products from Lulu before, and this is markedly better quality.

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