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Hope Prep #0 Orientation (ICONS) $4.99
Publisher: Melior Via
by Timothy B. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 06/30/2011 13:56:24

Ever since the X-Men went to class and the Teen Titans went to their tower, being a super powered teen has always been popular in comics. It was popular before that too, but let's stick with high school. Hope Prep is another in a long line of Schools for .... you get the idea. This book was written for ICONS, but I am certain that the same applies for other versions (M&M). The idea here is a day spent learning about your new school, Hope Prep. A new bad guy organization is introduced, which I really liked and will use. And it works as a good introduction to supers roleplaying and the game systems as well.

Each scene is detailed well, but not in a way that tells the GM what everyone needs to do, but instead a framework of what is going on and how to move from one scene to the next. Very nice. There is a starter map of the school grounds and some materials to print and give to your players.

All in all, a very fun intro and certainly makes want to get some more from this line of products.

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Hope Prep #0 Orientation (ICONS)
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