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The New Argonauts
Publisher: Sean K Reynolds Games
by Adam K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/06/2011 11:58:10

Severly disappointed with this supplement. The HUGE limitations it encompasses on the players are unsurmountable in my opinion. Basically the only option to play is a human fighter, and that's not what I'm playing fantasy games for (this being made for 3.5 edition, it's even lamer in comparison).

You know what I like about the 4th edition's design philosophy? "You don't tell your players what they can't do, you tell them what they can do". This book is about as far from this philosophy as it gets. All the parts focused on gameplay are telling you of limitations you can impose on your players as a DM or, if you're a player, of stuff you can't do. "This amazing stuff about greek mythology? Nah, can't play that." "This? No, neither this." "And this? No, no, no way. Low magic, remember?" I don't call the setting author made "low magic". I'm calling it "low creativity" and an entirely wrong design philosophy. Such a pity. If only someone made a setting BASED on Greek mythology, as opposed to cramming the actual Greece into bounds of D&D, that'd be awesome. This? Very much no.

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The New Argonauts
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