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LFNE Book 2: Among the Missing
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Publisher: FunSizedGames
by Wade K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/06/2011 13:10:39

"Among the Missing" is an excellent follow up to "Little Fears: Nightmare Edition". The material is well written and tightly edited, with some wonderful use of childlike prose and voice throughout. The Framing fiction is handled in a somewhat unique fashion and really helps to spotlight how each form of Missing Child could flow from the same narrative.

For those who felt "Nightmare Edition" lacked some of the darkness that the original game boasted, AtM brings a measure of that back; though it does so with respect to the seriousness of its topics.

The artwork it black and white, which is actually the best artistic choice for the imagery and themes the game is working with. Indeed, the art it top notch and some of it downright creepy.

The added rules - entirely optional - are simple and eloquent. For the players there are some options to better reflect the kind of life a Missing child might endure, complete with a new Questionnaire addressing the topics important to a Missing character. Most of the added rules are for the GMs, however, and introduce streamlined ways of making supporting characters with varying levels of depth. There is also extensive advice on how to use the Missing background, or npcs, (here called GMCs) in a "Missing" themed game.

The book wraps up with a short, though decent, adventure designed to introduce you to some of the ideas presented in the material. While the adventure could probably be wrapped up in a single night, it offers enough inspiration and potential that it could be spun into a much longer story.

Overall I am quite pleased with this product and look forward to future releases from FunSizedGames.

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LFNE Book 2: Among the Missing
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