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Chronica Feudalis $10.00
Publisher: Cellar Games, LLC
by Justin P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/12/2011 19:28:31

An excellent game by Jeremy Keller, Chronica Feudalis is both an entertaining read and a fantastic system. This is one of those games that seems to straddle the line between 'story game' and 'traditional game' very well.

Chapter 1 - Imagine. This is your fairly standard introductory chapter that tells you the mechanics of the system and what you'll need to play. The writing here is pretty fantastic as the whole book is written from the point of view of a monk who is telling you about the game he and his brothers play. The system uses a die step system of Skill + Tool, which I found interesting. Someone could have Strike d6 and a Tool (Spear) d8 for their die pool. My only complaint is that it sometimes feels like the Tool matters more than the Skill and is far easier to raise/earn.

Chapter 2 - Create. Character creation is found here as well as Skill descriptions.

Chapter 3 - Play. This is where you get into the meat of the game. Aspects, Tools, Ardor, Sorcery and Witchcraft, Actions, Maneuvers are all found here.

Chapter 4 - Conflict. Combat is detailed out here, explaining the way a fight works and the different options when it comes to social combat. I was very happy that a social system was worked into this game as the whole tone of Chronica Feudalis seems to be less about the combat and more about the characters. This is not to say that combat isn't fun, just that it is nice to see good support for playing a courtier or charlatan instead of everyone being a knight in shining armor.

Chapter 5 - Explore. As I pointed out toward Chapter 4, the focus of this game doesn't seem to be about combat but the scenes and situations that the characters find themselves in. This chapter is all about putting those situations together. Building a setting isn't always easy but this chapter gives you plenty to work with and includes an example in the form of "The Banquest of Warwick Castle". Each step is covered here, from the Situation you decide to go with to the Setting to the Political Backdrop... While a small chapter, it is one heck of an idea farm.

Following the five chapters you'll find some appendices. Mentors, Antagonists, Animals, and so on, including a Character Sheet. Truly, everything you need to play Chronica Feudalis is found in these pages, which is a huge value for the $10.00 price tag. Jeremy Keller has definitely earned my respect and I will be watching what he decides to do next with eager interest.

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Chronica Feudalis
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