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Savage Worlds: Test Drive 2012 $0.00
Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment
by Keith (. T. A. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/16/2011 09:25:23

The Wild Hunt is a great opportunity to learn Savage Worlds in a one shot modern horror adventure. The module contains everything you need to play including a scenario, handout character sheets, the test drive rules, and paper minis. With a little preparation (i.e. read a short set of rules) you should easily make it through this scenario in one night.

The adventure starts with the character's bus stranded in a small town with a dark secret. In order to survive the night, they must fight unholy horrors while trying to solve the mystery of the town's curse. Don't expect any help from the locals, however. They have a vested interest in the character destruction.

I greatly enjoyed the back story and layout of this adventure. I highly recommend the product if you have an interest in Savaging your gaming group. Even though it's set in the modern era, this adventure could easily move it to just about any genre with a change in characters and equipment. Pinnacle was also kind enough to provide a papercraft bus you can build for your gaming pleasure @

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Savage Worlds: Test Drive 2012
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