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Glorantha - The Second Age Core Rulebook
Publisher: Design Mechanism
by Paul-Michael A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/17/2011 16:28:58

An almost essential book for RQII but much less than it could have been: There's a lot packed into this book, a cornucopia of notes on religion, history, goods etc. But it fails both as an overview of Glorantha and as a reference for useful information during adventures. Someone new to Glorantha will get lost as it launches straight into pages of minutiae without any "mile-high " view of the material. Simultaneously, important features of Glorantha are found only in other books ("Races" and "Cults"), or handled in such scant detail as to be useful - try to find out about Pavis. (Try to even locate it on a map.) The practical "what's this place like" is eschewed in favour of historical and mythological detail. Disappointing.

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Glorantha - The Second Age Core Rulebook
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