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Wraith: The Great War
Publisher: White Wolf
by Daniel D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/17/2011 21:43:22

Wraith. A game that has great potential but has never received (in this writer's opinion) the praise it deserved. If you tried the game but were unimpressed try looking at it anew through the lens of one of the worst wars in history. World War I. Just following the carnage of the war the Shadowlands are being ripped asunder by the Fifth Great Maelstrom. The background of post World War I is there but is rather scant. Just as overview, as is many of the historical old WOD game lines. Be prepared for a little leg work to produce an authentic historical feel. The elaboration on wraithly politics and history are worth the price alone. It is the thinest historical old WOD books produced but the art and writing are all there. Good quality and adept at capturing the despair and waste of the war. Don't try a modern Wraith game until you try this first. Unfortunately unlike the other historical games you don't get the core rules and that may be a boon or insult depending on your needs. I found that this book helped frame my Civil War Wraith game later. Hell, I still consult it even after both campaigns ran their course.

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Wraith: The Great War
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