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Glimpses of the Unknown $5.99
Publisher: White Wolf
by Jay S. A. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/20/2011 19:19:21

Glimpses of the Unknown is a book that will come in handy if a Storyteller is feeling uninspired. The Seeds and Glimpses provided are all generally interesting, but whether or not they will see use in a campaign is solely up to the GM.

While the seeds are arranged according to game line, nothing is stopping people from grabbing a storyline from one line and using it in another, so thankfully the book’s usefulness doesn’t end with just the chapter specific to the game that the Storyteller is running.

I would recommend Glimpses of the Unknown to Storytellers who often find themselves without the time or inspiration to think up on new plots all the time. Ultimately, it makes for good reading, and with a little elbow grease, many of these plots could be recycled with a new coat of paint if necessary.

That said, this isn’t the book for you if you’re looking for more crunch. As I mentioned before, it’s there, but there’s not a lot to it. People going into this looking to use things to min-max characters are going to be disappointed.

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Glimpses of the Unknown
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