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d20/Pathfinder Battlemaps: 3 battle maps $19.99 $6.99
Publisher: Conflict Games, LLC
by NB N. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/22/2011 14:31:06

Three very nice maps are included in this pack. I have to say they are VERY interesting tactically speaking. All three maps, the Keep, Atrium, and Baths, are situated like a first-person shooter multiplayer map. Each side is balanced with minor variance between them to make it interesting. The maps are very high quality with great artwork. They are quite large, so you have plenty of room for your group to fight their way across and utilize the landscape. The only thing I would love is premade files for MapTool or other virtual tabletops. It definitely helps me out. If you use only printouts, this is a great option. If you use virtual tabletops, it'll just take a bit of work if you want to import it and size it so the grids line up. Oh, they do have grids already, so that's taken care of.

All in all a good set of maps.

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d20/Pathfinder Battlemaps: 3 battle maps
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