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War of the Dead: The Paper Dead $5.99
Publisher: Daring Entertainment
by NB N. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/22/2011 16:21:54

Wow. That's the only thing I could think to myself after I looked through this set of paper counters for War of the Dead or any zombie game you might run. These are so awesome. The counters include everything from survivors from all walks of life to zombie babies to vehicles to cover.

The art is good. It is a little cartoon-y, but not in a bad way. The sheer variety of survivors and zombies is impressive. They even include military type folks as allies or if you get really lucky and find some cool gear. The zombie are equally as diverse. The vehicles include burned out shells of cars, functioning looking vehicles, and large vehicles with spots for several player character counters. This is good for tactical situations and figuring out who gets pulled out of the side of the van and eaten. As a nice bonus, there are damage counters and cover that you can take up positions behind. I don't always use counters for Savage Worlds-based games, but this may persuade me to do it more. It's really cool. If you play zombie games and ever think you might need counters for tactical combat, buy these. They are really nice.

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War of the Dead: The Paper Dead
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