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ScreenMonkey v1.5 $0.00
Publisher: NBOS Software
par David B. [Acheteur vérifié] Date Ajoutée: 07/28/2011 01:18:49

NBOS SCREEN MONKEY IS THE BEST! THE BEST!!! I love this program, and lately I have been using it just about every day with my D&D friend online. It really shines when you start customizing. Lately I have been designing my own miniatures and importing maps from 4th edition D&D that I scanned, sizing them, and cropping off the text in paintshop, then importing them into Screen Monkey. The customized miniatures and scanned maps make for really GREAT looking games! There are a lot of neat chat commands too. I can save text to a clipboard (00-99) ahead of time and then with the scrpting comand recall it instantly. Also there is a automatic initaitive roller that comes in handy. The "take hits/add hits" makes keeping up with hit points very easy and convenient. And you can customize the "comditions" to any game. I did mine for 4th edition D&D. The great thing about Screen Monkey is that I (me) am the only one that needs the program installed. There are a number of ways players (plural) can log on. I have found that copying the host address I.P. link to the clipboard, and then pasting it to the text area in a yahoo email and sending it works great for me since I have a yahoo account. But there are others ways to do it too. I love this program and have gotten sooooooo much enjoyment out of it. I would HIGHLY recomend it to anyone that want to do online gaming.

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