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Type M Subsidized Merchant "HIMS The Pretty Penny" $3.99
Publisher: Scrying Eye Games
by Alexander L. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 08/01/2011 07:19:04

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First off, this is a very large map if the page count didn’t clue you in. This contains both an interior and an exterior look at this ship, so you can really set up a tactical based adventure around this. Of course, your campaign will need to be in a modern or sci-fi setting since the ship is full of computers, guns, and other tech you wouldn’t find in a fantasy setting. The entire map is full color which the publisher admits will probably drain your printer cartridge due to the size and the fact it is “color-intensive.” Because of this, Scrying Eye Games suggests that you only print off the parts you will actually use. Still, I can’t imagine where you would only ever use a section of the map since it’s all a single gigantic ship.

There are actually three levels to the ship, but in flipping through the pages, there is no discernable difference between the lower interior and upper interior and because of this, people who aren’t used to print and putting together maps might mix up the pieces. In fact there’s no assembly guide, which really should be required for a map this side. With something like this, always assume your product is a gamer’s first or that they are very young, just in case. Instead, the only clue you get comes from the table of contents which gives a page count of what pieces go where. For example pages 4-11 make up the Interior Upper Deck while pages 12-16 make up the Interior Lower Deck. There’s just one problem. The table of contents in your PDF reader will say the exact opposite, It says pages 4-11 are the lower deck and 12-16 are the upper deck. So which is correct? I say go with the paper based ToC rather than the PDF version but the fact a typo/error of this size made it through production doesn’t assure me of quality control with this piece.

Visually the map is pretty good for the interior sections, but lacking in detail and a bit dull for the exterior. The last two pages of the map even have a guide to the different interior sections and what they represent. The interior has a lot of little touches that make the “Pretty Penny” feel lived in and like a real battleship, but the exterior is just a dull blue with no actual texture or detail. I was disappointed by the quality differences here.

It’s hard to recommend picking up the “Pretty Penny” unless you are specifically playing a Traveller campaign, so its geared for a very niche audience, but in a pinch it can work with a modern or sci-fi map as long as you’ve really tailored the adventure around this. The “Pretty Penny” could make a decent Spelljammer after all…

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Type M Subsidized Merchant "HIMS The Pretty Penny"
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