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Future Showroom: Fighters One
Publisher: UKG Publishing
by andrew b. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/13/2011 09:00:31

I have read some kind of mean reviews this guy has gotten, and hes always replied politely. I have my eye on other UKG products, but the first one I was able to get was this one, the Fighters book. I have to say it was an interesting selection of six different fighters. A couple of them looked so much alike... it was like father and son, but each had a dedicated purpose from scouting to bombing. There was a lot of thought in the presentation of each modle... with a few paragraphs on its role, the full stats, and a picture or two. Each had an evokative look and there was some interesting new abilities added on. The best part of it is the price. For half the price of a big mac meal I have six fights... excellent for the Buck Roger's style storyline I had on my mind.

Now for the price, I was very satisfied. If some misspellings were present (some people were wierding over it in other reviews), I didnt notice them. The illustrations were slick. I have a slight murmurs which I will convey, but if you could cover this, it would only be bonus in future issues. For the price I paid, I cant expect too much more. I would like it if there was some indication of what is what in some of the fighters. Like a compartments outline with a few key numbers. Look up the numbers and see where the fuel is, the payload, the engine, etc. I know these are fighters and there isnt room in the ship for the pilot to step somewhere and have a cigarette and emote... but when the plasma's flying having some idea where a critical hit occurs would be nice.

I will have to ask that you continue to place such wonderfully crafted and themed products out here for us to use. I am trying to get the UK Ship Bundle 3 pretty soon to really fatten up my starship collection. Your products seem to be perfect for my Space Opra and cannot wait to see what else I can add to my ranks. You do good work. As long as whoever is reviewing your stuff sees the words 'Future' and 'd20' in the chat box, they seem to agree.

[4 of 5 Stars!]