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Promethean: The Created
Publisher: White Wolf
by Curtis M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/10/2006 19:47:47

This is unlike any World of Darkness game you have ever played. Well, perhaps that isn't fair. In many ways it retains the greatness of past WoD games. It has its fair share of gritty, gothic horror (And how can there not be horror when you step into the role of something that was stitched together from human corpses?) It has something of a metaplot, which isn't unlike other games (though certainly not to the degree that Orpheus had an extensive metaplot)

Essentially, your Prometheans have goals. These aren't unspecific goals such as "become powerful" as in other games, but very specific goals, such as the goal to become human. This goal is an overriding theme of the game, some might argue it is the object of the game - if such a thing can exist in a role-playing game. Through the use of game systems such as vitriol and "milestones" the Storyteller works with the players in order to tell the tale of how their Prometheans become Redeemed.

Of course, as with all roleplaying games, this story arc can be discarded (And it is not unreasonable to assume that many players will run short or even long-term Chronicles that don't include this element) but regardless it gives the Storyteller the option of telling a tale that is both Epic in Nature and Personal in scope. Becoming Redeemed is not a fantasy like Vampire's Golconda that is whispered in hushed tones by neonates with to much blood in their system - it is real. And it, along with many of the other brilliant ideas introduced in Promethean's core book makes this a game that WoD fans can not miss and a game that those who have found other World of Darkness products unpalatable should check out. I heartily recommend Promethean: The Created to anyone who values plot and a bit of dramatic flair over extensive combat systems and worrying about whether or not their level 15 fighter should take weapon specialization greatsword.

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Promethean: The Created
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