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Star Explorer (Original 1982) $8.95
Publisher: Goblinoid Games
by Chris F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/21/2011 13:47:32

Sometimes classic games just don't age well. The rule set behind this Star Trek-homage just doesn't work by modern standards. However, this PDF collection looks like a very faithful, high resolution copy of the original game, and does include a neat scenario generator for running a classic Trek-inspired game. You can pull the scenario generator, which is the largest single portion of the text, for use with other sci-fi games with no problem. Do that, and you'll feel like you got your money's worth. Trying to play Star Explorer as written will have you bashing your head against the wall.

One other problem- the PDF files in the package feel a bit bloated. The cover alone- a single page, color PDF- is over 30 megabytes, and could probably of been shrank a bit without seriously harming resolution. That's not a big issue in and of itself, but it's another strike against an already flawed nostalgia product. CHRIS

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Star Explorer (Original 1982)
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