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Reign of Discordia: Virus $4.98
Publisher: Gun Metal Games
by Paolo P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/04/2011 15:39:16

This first adventure for RoD True20 setting is a pretty good and quick introduction to the game. The adventure is not "short" by itself but the context is enough complex to allow player to find many shortcuts to reach their goals quickly. If your PCs are swashbuckling troublemakers, you'll enjoy a lot of laser action but not a lot more. If your players are cunning enough, be prepared to some diplomatic affair and a fast resolution.

The product is a little "naive", it depicts more a storyline that a balanced context, so if you players will go out of the path you could either bring'em back on track (cheating) or be good with improvisation. Anycase, this adventure serves well as an opener for a long term campaign and is definitively worth the price!

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Reign of Discordia: Virus
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