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Legendary I: Legendary Blades [PFRPG] Pay What You Want
Publisher: Purple Duck Games
by John B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/12/2011 10:28:46

I love reading about specific magical weapons and stuff. The more fluff, the better and this book has plenty. For the cost, you can't beat it for the content given, fourteen magical weapons that are each unique yet cover a whole gamut of weapon types and there should be something in here that is just about usable by any character class. In addition, the four monsters given are just a good bonus, just wish there were images for the Wolf and Linnorm Serpent. Speaking of which, the images were fresh and original and very well developed and presented. My only suggestions to the publisher in general would be to include a nice graphic front page to give it more of a bookish feel in the PDF and to come up with more creative table formats. The tables get the job done but in today's graphic driven world alternating row colors and maybe some gradient headers would do wonders. I understand for printing purposes the tables are optimized for it, but I use most of my materials straight from my computer screen and have yet to print out pages from these wonderful PDF supplements.

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