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Operation Nearscape: an Osiris File Pay What You Want
Publisher: Sword's Edge Publishing
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 10/14/2011 10:17:06

A lot of folks are going systemless right now. It widens usability, as you don't have to strip out assumptions based on a given game mechanic if you want to run the resource using another ruleset; but it does mean that you have got to add any rules information that your chosen game system requires. My plotbooks tend to work the same way: concepts and ideas and plotlines, the system under which I'll run them gets assigned later...

We start off with a bit of scene-setting. Characters are assumed to work for the Osiris Foundation. Just what that might be is up to you, but it one of these little-known organisations that populate the pages of thrillers, hiring elite operatives and sending them on intriguing missions that, if only the world knew about them, would have producers clamouring for the movie rights. But if you don't care for that, there's an outline of a smaller, far less well-resourced group, that is interested in much the same things and whose members conduct similar missions. Either will work well with the mission presented here.

Next comes an overview of the situation: the reality behind the mission contained in this file. Eyes Only, of course, for the GM. The text continues with briefing material to be shared with the characters, setting the scene as their organisation understands it, and putting them in the picture ready to carry out their investigations and accomplish their mission. As the two potential organisations are quite different in outlook and resources, never mind objectives, two parallel briefings are given: choose the most appropriate (or mix and match elements of both) as suits your needs. A second PDF (watch out for this, when you click 'Get this free' you just get the main file, but a printer-friendly version and this 'Game Support' one appear for download later...) gives you some excellent handouts covering the briefing material in both forms to pass around.

The final part of the main document looks at the various places the characters can go, and people they can meet, all you need to run the adventure... at least once you've added whatever game mechanics you need.

Excellent work, I hope for more of these!!!!

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Operation Nearscape: an Osiris File
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