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Agents of Oblivion $15.00
Publisher: Reality Blurs
by Peter A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/18/2011 14:53:34

I've been searching for a campaign setting for a long time. I love the horror genre, and I love the spy genre - getting to play them both is fantastic!

The setting is certainly a favorite of mine and Reality Blurs does a great job setting up the Director (their word for the Gamemaster) to customize the level of certain thematic factors by giving some helpful information on what each factor would entail (Aliens, Horror, Occult, Technology, and Conspiracy). Combined with some very cool, unique-to-the-setting, and inspiring organizations, the Director has the most necessary tools at his disposal to create a memorable campaign.

That said, because this title integrates with the Savage Worlds system, I felt the chapter outlining the setting specific rules and changes to the standard Savage Worlds seemed a bit jumbled. I found myself questioning some of the terminolgy because it didn't seem explained clearly.

Overall, this is a solid 4.5 - the rules aren't the reason we play. I highly recommend this for anyone who was a fan of Shadowforce Archer (for AEG's original Spycraft line).

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Agents of Oblivion
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