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Fold-N-Go: Dungeon Kit #1 $9.99
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 10/22/2011 00:29:14

As the name implies, the Fold-N-Go series distinguishes itself from other entrants in the increasingly crowded printable terrain market by offering models that can you can simply fold together without glue. Your tradeoff is that the Fold-N-Go models require rather more complex cutting than models that require glue. And, as it turns out, Fold-N-Go models include several "optional glue" tabs (the models hold together better if you exercise that option), and a few actually require glue. I have to wonder whether, in the end, achieving "glueless" models really repays the effort. If you like the artistic style of Jonathan Roberts's maps in the Rite Publishing series of Fantastic Maps, this set lets you add a third dimension without combining different art styles. My own preference tends toward glued models that I involve less complex cutting, but if you lean the other way, definitely give Fold-N-Go a try.

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