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Fantasy Maps: Graveyard and Church Map Pack $2.99
Publisher: D20 Cartographer
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 10/30/2011 12:52:39

Whether or not you want a spooky adventure this Halloween, whenever you DO want to run a game with some goings-on in a graveyard this is well worth a look!

In this download you get a complete funary complex with a place of worship and nearby graveyard, complete with a building that's billed as the gravekeeper's shack. As well as a large - two posters-worth - map of the whole, there are interior plans for the temple (3 levels) and a mausoleum with crypt beneath, and the shack. (Well, you need somewhere for that creepy old fella who comes up to the characters and utters vague yet dire warnings to live, after all!)

The place of worship is built along roughly Christian lines, although of course you may dedicate it to whatever deity is appropriate for your campaign world. This has the added advantage that you could lift this clean out of fantasy and run your spooky graveyard adventure in a contemporary setting instead! There is plenty of scope for encounters and exploration within the church itself, and a few suggestions for dramatic scenes are given - and more suggest themselves as you look it over.

The mausoleum too provides ample scope for action, with a modest family tomb above ground and extensive catacombs below.

Resource-wise you get everything in several formats. Big (I mean BIG!) JPEGs to serve as posters and overviews. Map tiles in both colour and black & white. And all you need if you are running online with VTT, including an array of tokens as well as the map data. The map tiles come as PDF files to make printing to scale easy. There's an overview PDF as well, that explains all the goodies and how to use them to effect.

Oh, and did I say they're beautiful to look at as well?

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Fantasy Maps: Graveyard and Church Map Pack
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