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New Gods of Mankind New God's Handbook 1st Edition
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Publisher: Dark Skull Studios
by NB N. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 10/31/2011 20:55:14

This is a fun RPG that can also double as a board game. There is a TON of mythology here, so it'll take some time to get through. It's a pretty quick read though. The book describes the world (bronze age with races other than humans), Celestial Gardens (where gods live), and other planes of existence that are important to the game. Players take the role of new gods who finally accumulated enough followers to ascend to the heavens. Using their Belief, gods can perform Miracles to help their tribes. The overall goal is to have your followers conquer, convert, or otherwise neutralize other tribes to succeed.

The god creation rules are pretty flexible with players picking their primary trait that they influence like Summer or Wind. They choose a secondary trait, personality, description, heavenly kingdom, etc. Miracles are easier to perform (require less belief) if it is congruent with your primary trait.

The actual play is basically rounds of events occurring to the gods' tribes. The gods then react with Miracles or by influencing the world, other gods counter those actions if desired, and the tribes try to expand their influence. Because of the mechanics, the GM can actually play a god as well. Events can be randomly rolled on charts and the world need not be directed by one person. I like the idea of this game being a nice compromise for the routine GM who wants to play without requiring someone to run the game in their place. Good stuff.

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New Gods of Mankind New God's Handbook 1st Edition
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