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Infamous Adversaries: Temerlyth the Undying $2.00 $1.99
Publisher: Total Party Kill Games
by Jonathan W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/07/2011 18:50:49

Temerlyth the Undying is a seventeen page "Plug and Play" style Big Bad Evil Guy(BBEG) that is built for any pathfinder game. TPK Games gives you, the DM, a well thought out, gorgeously drawn, and fully stated out Lich and his brood packed in a tightly done package. Let us explore shall we?

Temerlyth is an angry Elf, you wouldn't know this from the beautiful front cover by Eric De Mander, nor by the haunting pictures that ooze 'EVIL' by Kiss Marton Gyula. No, what you get is a very driven and obsessed Lich Alchemist/6, Loremaster/3, Wizard/6 (CR 16 for those that are keeping score) who wants nothing more than to wipe the stain of Werewolfdom off the face of your gaming world.

Through our detailed stat blocks of our wicked and well equipped Alchemist of Death and Destruction, ( which are hyper linked to giving any DM who can't recall what exactly an ability, skill, spell, feat, etc. off the top of their head the exact information at their fingerprints) we see that our BBEG has a plethora of tricks and abilities to throw at almost any type of Party big or small. If you need a challenge for 12-16 party or an end Monster who is pulling strings behind the scenes all of this is provided for you, geared and ready to roll.

The two column layout is rife with information on not only how this Monster (and I use a capital M here as it is quite worth it) came to haunt your gaming world but how to properly use him and his undead family with all of their motives, descriptions, history, personality, and combat tactics ready in a pinch. One of the nice things you don't see often in monster books is the Lore section. Having a bard or someone who wants to know more about what they are up against gives the DM a chance to dish out some back information without having to design it themselves. Simple, easy to use, no frills.

We close out with Temerlyth's 'family' as it may. He can't let the bad wolf-kin take his family so he did the job for them. Righteous Vengeance or Sadistic Cruelty, you as the DM be the judge as they are all here for you to use with the same attention to detail as Temerlyth.

Total Party Kill games puts together a great package, simple to use, and with exquisite detail to not only the artwork but the stats and design of this BBEG. I can feel that by reading this over that ideas formed in my head on how I could easily use him and his undead family in my game if I so choose. TPK Games gives you the tools and let's your imagination run away with them.

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Infamous Adversaries: Temerlyth the Undying
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