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Kids, Castles & Caves $0.00
Publisher: Brave Halfling Publishing
by Patrick B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/21/2011 08:16:53

Two things bother me about this product. The first is the art which is predominantly 3D computer model stuff. The game is for kids, so why not have kids do the art for it? That would have fitted with the product and given it a bit of charm in my opinion. Looks like the publisher took the cheap road instead of the creative one.

But what really bothers me is that the game has a class/race of fairies that seems sexist. They cannot fight, and they are always girls. Seriously? No one behind this game thought that maybe that was telling kids that "girls can't fight"? I just crossed that line out mentally while running this game for my family. No way I'm going to even insinuate to my daughter and son that women are limited!

The system is simple, and your kids can learn it easily. Just watch out for what it might be teaching them.

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Kids, Castles & Caves
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