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The Mechanist Class
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World of Darkness: Mirrors $15.00
Publisher: White Wolf
by Mateusz J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/29/2011 14:11:37

I was really excited when DTR announced PoD. As this is my first order of printed book from them, and pdf version was already reviewed by others I'll concentrate only on print quality and technical aspects of books offered in DTR PoD.

1) Cover is amazing. I ordered hardcover version and was really pleased how it looks. Vivid colors, glossy finish, solid binding. A+ 2) Interior print quality. There is small banding problem, perfectly visible on full-page artworks but its not that bad. Text is razor-sharp. Everything has a slight gloss. "Weird info" for printed books lovers - PoD book don't have that specific paint smell. Too bad. Overall, printing quality is really good. B+ due to banding problems. 3) Interior paper is below your average printed RPG source book quality. It's really white - which is nice, but of very small substance (g/m2). Its really, really thin. B

So, it looks like everything is wonderful. Unfortunately, it isn't.


That's right. On every page you have that disastrous, ugly, ridiculous white border. Even on those with full page art. It's ugly. It's raping my sense of aesthetics.

How is this possible? Well, i can think of two possibilities: 1) Ligtingsource prints only on fixed paper sheets (say A5, A4 and so on), not using a cutter. Thus, pdfs are slightly scaled down to fit on page. Witch results with ugly, uneven white border around the page. If thats true, then Lightingsource is a really bad digital printer.


2) LS prints on paper of any size, but DTR has no "quality check" over materials issued for print. Publishers rushed to what seemed "easy additional money", without properly preparing their source files.

I was expecting that I'll receive a quality product, but I ended with two shoddy articles (no-bleed problem is present in two -of two - books I ordered). I'm seriously considering asking for a refund. I feel cheated.

I was really excited when DTR announced PoD. Hoping to get Wraith in PoD. Sadly, seems like I need to look after that on e-bay.

Please note - Mirrors are a great book. They aren't great PoD pod. My rating goes for a "technical" quality, not for this book "substance".

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World of Darkness: Mirrors
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