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Slayer's Handbook
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Publisher: Eden Studios
by Daniel C. Date Added: 10/10/2006 11:55:02

you know, i'm torn about this book. on the one hand, would it have been so hard to cram the extra few qualities and character templates into the core book? it's not as if 300 and 350 page books aren't the standard these days. plus, this .pdf is almost the same price as the corebook, while being just over half the size. what's that all about?

anyway, on to the material. this book covers well, slayers. it contains both new templates for original characters, like the 'dark slayer,' as well as characters from the show, like faith and kendra. there's a handful of new qualities and a few more templates for other characters, like a cop and a journalist.

the best part about this book are the alternate mini-settings thrown in - a post apocalyptic demon world where the few human survivors struggle to stay alive, an old west setting with a slayer cowgirl and a prim victorian british watcher, and something else with indians and shamans. that one didn't interest me so much.

anyway - short book, too pricey, but there's some really interesting stuff in here.

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Slayer's Handbook
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