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Castles & Crusades Dwarven Glory: Looking Stones $1.00 $0.34
Publisher: Troll Lord Games
by Alexander L. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 12/05/2011 08:19:00

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The first Dwarven Glory adventure is “The Looking Stone” and it is for a party of characters whose levels are between four and six. The adventure revolves around a feliul stone, which is basically a animated boulder possessed by the spirit of an insane bloodthirsty dwarf. Much of the adventure pits your characters either against the feliul stone or investigating a long abandoned bath house. The feliul stone makes for a great opponent and due to the unusual nature of this antagonist, players will not only be caught off guard, but have to come up with some interesting tactics to defeat it. After all, how do you fight a giant spherical animated piece of rock? The bath house contains nine different locations to explore and it surprisingly has a lot of different encounters which keeps things interesting. Nine rooms may sound a bit small, but this is meant to be an adventure that can be played in one shot. My only problem with “The Looking Stone” is that there is no real resolution or setup. Characters are just thrown into the exploration of the area without any real reason why and there is no conclusion for the adventure given. This is a problem with all three adventures in Dwarven Glory which is odd, especially for a Castles & Crusades adventure as they often contain an overwhelming amount of back story and set up.

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Castles & Crusades Dwarven Glory: Looking Stones
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