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Publisher: Basic Action Games
by Ryan S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/08/2011 11:27:56

I have been a loooonnnggg time FASERIP fan since the Yellow Box came out. The advanced set rules were the best representation of fast and fluid supers combat/action ever. Sure, I had a few issues that I would try to house rule (movement was always a mess, an Incredible ranked attack ALWAYS does 40 damage, lack of opposed rolls) but all in all it was my boo. Bought M&M (way too much bean counting) and downloaded Icons (too loosey goosey) but nothing ever could replace MSH FASERIP. I see the appeal of M&M and Icons to others, but they didn't work for me.

For months I'd read up on BASH! UE and came close to buying it but always worried about the simplicity of it. I want simplicity but it seemed too simple. I finally took the plunge over the weekend (9.99 on sale) and am so glad I did. It makes me look at FASERIP and think "what was I waiting for?".

It simple and also very deep and versatile, no small feat. You can make any character you want and they can co-exist with any other power level type of character in your campaign. Sure, Superman will win most of the time but Captain America can make it interesting...just like he would in the world of comics. I love the rules for combat, quick simple, but thanks to hero points/dice any character can surprise (just like the comics!). One thing that drove me crazy in FASERIP and M&M is that Superman/Juggernaut/Magneto/Wolverine could kill almost any other hero in 1-2 actions and that's that. Sure that CAN happen in the comics but it doesn't. BASH! UE gets that. Supers is not a genre where hard core, rigid rules apply. Jubilee and Hawkeye should have the ability to make a real difference once in awhile and BASH! UE allows that with a very solid system.

The thing I keep thinking as I read the rules and make characters is, "this reminds me of when (insert hero) did (insert epic action) and saved the day". BASH! UE captures supers in a way no other game does. For the first time in 30 years I have mothballed all my FASERIP stuff. It's in the closet and BASH! UE is on the shelf.

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BASH! Ultimate Edition
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