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The Sinister Secrets of Silvermote [Adventure] $7.99
Publisher: Total Party Kill Games
by Marty H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/12/2011 11:49:58

This is a beautiful world, full of the things that make Dark Fantasy dark, gritty, and fun. Everything is in here, from wandering treasure seekers and lying wizards to puzzles and the guardians of secrets once thought lost. Combined with Infamous Adversaries, this is definitely one to try out in your world.

My favorite part is that this is more than stat blocks and maps, it is written with a moving grace and beautiful poise that brings a puzzle to life. It's not an overtemplated creature, but rather has a name and story to it. Without giving away some of the more fun encounters, even the weapons have a story, done in only the way a dark fantasy and TPK Games can do.

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The Sinister Secrets of Silvermote [Adventure]
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