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Publisher: Lord Zsezse Works
von Michael T. [Häufiger Rezensent] Hinzugefügt am: 12/19/2011 08:49:57

I'm planning to run a modernized version of Beyond the Mountains of Madness as the conclusion to my Delta Green game and I just know there's going to be some fighting in freaky Elder Thing architecture. The Crystal Cave Battlemap seems like a perfect fit.

It's obvious Lord Zsezse Works thought through this supplement. The Battlemap is not merely a single map for printing, but a variety of views, including an isometric and overhead view. The overhead view has a layer to turn grids on and off. This isometric view is annotated to give some context to the weird things that are in this cave. There's poster-sized maps of the isometric and overhead views, a welcome addition for those with access to larger printers. There are also versions of the map for online play.

For general strangeness, these maps don't disappoint. Alien plants, glowing crystals, a deep hole, a stone dragon head, and a fountain are all detailed here. I'm not thrilled with the dragon head – it commits the map to a fantasy scenario – but the vaguely pebble-hide sculptures do lend an alien ambiance to the design that still make it generically useful.

Overall this is an excellent map of the weird and will do nicely for my Elder Things' Construct.

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Battlemap - Crystal Cave
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