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The Breaking of Forstor Nagar (PFRPG) $9.99
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 12/28/2011 10:43:20

It takes a special kind of mind to write The Breaking of Forstar Nagar.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ben McFarland at Gencon a few years ago. At the time, he had written was very adapt at crafting 3rd edition rules that enhanced gameplay, and I asked him if he was looking forward to Pathfinder. He was excited about the system, but was more interested in a critically acclaimed but not as popular system called Ars Magica. Working with a system like Ars Magica, a game designed where each player runs a trio of players, pushes a designer to create new methods of adventure design.

That push has paid off for McFarland with The Breaking of Forstar Nagar, an action congested 8th level pathfinder adventure that plays out like a perfectly directed action movie. Forstar Nagar begins with the PCs having to break into a city of immense Ice and through a siege by a deadly group of cannibals called the Hungering Legion. They must break their way through several well designed, tactical combats into the heart of the city, rescue the survivors and decipher an escape plan.

What McFarland does that is impressive, is press home how deadly the bad guys are. Sure, their stat blocks are well written and complete with tactics. However, it is the intense description and reasoning included that allow the dungeon master the knowledge of how to play these characters correctly. McFarland also includes layers of backstory to every element of the adventure. By using a layered effect, Dungeon Masters have the option of blending in their own campaign elements or adding the writer’s preset layer.

To compliment the 48 pages of intense adventuring, detailed maps by one of the best in the business, Jonathan Roberts, highlights every encounter. Terrain elements and strategy is emphasized with every pen stroke. The artwork and layout are impressive, except for the decision to layer a blue background under black writing.

For the Dungeon Master The adventure is very site based, meaning that PCs may venture into areas not in the order presented in the book. There are instructions and sidebars listed to handle most situations.

The Iron Word The Breaking of Forstar is a very different kind of adventure that will be an action filled rump for any party. This adventure has something for everyone. As an added bonus, the adventure includes maptools files to run the game in the best online gaming tool on the market.

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