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The Hideout (Savage Worlds Adventure ePub) $0.00
Publisher: White Haired Man
by Vincent B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/01/2012 15:57:29

This isn't a PDF. I have no way of reading this. I do not have a e-reader and do not plan on getting one.

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Creator Reply:
I am sorry you have had difficulty with our EPub product. This free EPub is not intended to be a PDF it is intended for those with tablets or access to software that reads EPubs. If you would like free software to read our EPub you may download it via Adobe. It is called Adobe Editions (

If you must have a PDF we have a PDF product available, but it is not free, because there are three adventures included, not just The Hideout.

I would hope that after you look over our EPub or buy the PDF you might find your way to changing the 1 star rating you bestowed. We never advertised it as a PDF afterall.
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The Hideout (Savage Worlds Adventure ePub)
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