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Toys for the Sandbox 01: Apothecary $0.99
Publisher: Occult Moon
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/07/2012 11:15:28

This product is a neat little package to enable the inventive GM to spawn a whole adventure on the spot, comprising a map, a few plot ideas and a collection of systemless NPCs. Just about everything oozes with hints that could be developed further.

The map is the most disappointing bit, being rather small and so dark that the numbers of the legend don't show up! Otherwise, as a basic layout for an apthecary's shop, it's fine... being complete with a lovely big herb garden. The surroundings are described in a manner that makes it easy to drop it into your campaign world wherever suits your needs.

Next comes a section headed The Possibilities. In a sentence or two a situation is suggested, and then several possible outcomes (explaining what's really going on) are provided. This is followed by four NPCs - the apothecary himself, his daughter, and a couple of customers. There are also two tables to roll one (get your percentage dice out), one of events and one of rumours...

Whilst everything is quite basic, and would need either a GM who is good at developing material on the fly or a small amount of preparatory work, it does provide plenty of inspiration in a small package. Something to keep handy if you have a wayward bunch of fantasy characters to contend with.

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Toys for the Sandbox 01: Apothecary
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