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Illfrost: Bondage (4E)
Publisher: Illusionary Press
by Reed M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/10/2012 22:08:17

This is by far one of the best modules you can buy on this site, everying from the art to new creatures and items are top-notch. I love low magic worlds like this, very challenging and rewarding for you and your players. They will be blown away when this campaign starts rolling, nice change of pace from the typical generic DnD.

In my opinion this is a must buy for DMs, I have never heard of Illusionary press before but if they keep making quality products like this than I will buy everything they publish. There is even a free starter guide for your players and maps that look very professional for cheap! No complaints and I cant wait for the next module.

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Illfrost: Bondage (4E)
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