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Evocative City Sites: The Intimate Shape Festhall $2.95
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Kenneth A. C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/01/2012 16:15:06

A festhall... it doesn't sound like much, but an Intimate Shape Festhall sounds mysterious and, if you ask me, promising. So what is it? Well, certainly something out of the ordinary, something that brings a new game to the table. It reminded me of a Fafhrd and Grey Mouser story where our two heroes also encountered a living house. The author of this location may have been inspired of Leiber.

Honestly, this pdf is a little rough around the edges. It could really benefit from another round of editing, it seemed rushed. It had a lot of little mistakes that really bothered me as I read it, mistakes that would be so easy to change.

I really do like the basic idea here, but the pdf just doesn't offer a lot of information. What you get is a short introduction to the place by some unknown narrator, a few short adventure hooks, two NPCs (with a lot of unnecessary information, like all the bard abilities), a gargantuan mimic and a couple of monstrous feats.

What I really wanted to know was how to use the Intimate Shape Festhall... ideas on implementing it in a city. I mean, how would a city react if they learned that a gargantuan mimic lived amongst them? What purpose does it serve? How will it interact with the PCs?

Lastly, I want to mention the maps. These are amateurish, which is fine when you look at the price, but I would rather have been without them, since I guess the festhall can and does change shape... all the time.

I'll give this pdf 2.5 stars, rounded down for the purpose of this format. Promising with a really good idea, but rough and lacking a lot of simple information that make it truly useful.

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Creator Reply:
I wanted to thank Kenneth Axel Carlsson for taking the time to do a review of our product.
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Evocative City Sites: The Intimate Shape Festhall
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