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Terracide $11.95
Publisher: High Rock Press
by Ray L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/02/2012 21:15:31

Overall: I found Terracide a generally well thought-out campaign setting, both comprehensive and a fun read in many parts. The setting is compelling and for the most part realistic (IMO surprisingly so for an RPG).

The book is well-organized and laid out, with sections on the timeline and the worlds of Terracide; human organizations; alien races; life in the 24th century; character creation and some sample characters; equipment (including weapons and armor); spacecraft (with rules for designing them as well as some sample vehicles); combat (personal and vehicular); Marathon Free Station (a potential location for a Terracide campaign); and a GM’s Vault for privileged information. Appendices include a glossary, reading / resource list, and a sample listing of spacecraft names.

Pros: The setting (worlds, alien races, organizations, and so on) has variety and depth. Each of the seven alien races is very different not only from humans but from each other. The 21 organizations described (government, corporate, criminal, and otherwise) give the GM plenty of material for creating adventure plots, as well as ways to assist or hinder the player characters.

Characters can be easily individualized with many templates for altered genetics, background, education, time in the military / government / criminal enterprises as well as various occupations -- although playing actual aliens isn’t an option. The ten sample characters illustrate Powerful Heroic-level characters that might be typical for a Terracide campaign, and can be easily used as allies or foes for the player characters.

Realism seems the watchword in Terracide. Space-traversing characters have to worry about things like g-forces, spin-gravity, and the like. (This book includes penalties and other info on combat in spin-gravity, as well as martial arts for use in zero-gee and spin-gravity.) Space isn’t just a minor background detail in Terracide but is instead something the players will have to take into account in many things their characters do.

Cons: If characters are expected to purchase new / replacement equipment and ammunition throughout a Terracide campaign, some cost guidelines would have been useful. Actually, money seems generally ignored throughout Terracide, except in a discussion on the Economics of FTL Travel or as background flavor. This despite the Money perk being included in various character Templates.

With the frequent mention of alien technology throughout Terracide, I found the lack of examples of alien technology a distinct oversight. While each race’s writeup mentions the type(s) of tech that race specializes in, some specific examples in the GM’s Vault would have been nice.

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