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Infinite Mechas $5.99
Publisher: Avalon Game Company
by James C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/03/2012 16:39:30

If you're interested in rules for constructing mecha or incorporating them into a game using the Pathfinder / 3.5 rules sets then you'll not find it in this product. While I shouldn't have expected much from a six dollar PDF I was still sorely dissapointed at the content within. If you already own a copy of D20 Future then you actually already have more than what this book contains. Furthermore the artwork used for the mechs matches neither the description nor the artwork in at least two cases.

All it contains is a new class called mecha pilot, a odd AI race who uses a mech for its body, some feats, a half dozen designs, and some optional equipment for the mechs . Which I suppose is all it claimed to contain, but I was hoping for more.

Again if you have D20 future and or a few of the other mech PDFs from eslewhere on this site then there's absolutely no reason to pick this up.

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Infinite Mechas
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