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Due Vigilance- The Oktobermen $7.99 $5.99
Publisher: Vigilance Press
by Jared R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/04/2012 20:32:13
This is a great product. A team of (varying degrees) evil mercenaries with magical powers, the group is pretty useful anywhere you run a supers game that does, indeed, have magical powers as any part of the game. I have two magical characters in my campaign, I as I read the entries, I could pretty easily start coming up with scenarios where at least one of them would run afoul of this group.

What I like even more is that they work as a team, but using any of the characters individually isn't a bad option either. They are a bit on the Vertigo side of squickiness scale, but the degree to which you push the issue is obviously up to you.

For even more fun, there is a chart that tracks the relationships between the characters, so that you get a better feel for how to run them as a team and how they would react to one another as well as the PCs. That's a nice addition to the mix.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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Due Vigilance- The Oktobermen
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