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ICONS: The RetConQuest $5.00
Publisher: Ad Infinitum Adventures
by Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 02/12/2012 23:49:56

With Steve Kenson providing the storyline and Dan Houser providing the artwork, The RetConQuest is probably the closest thing ICONS has right now to an "instant classic." The premise is clever and the structure of the book, mirroring the structure of the adventure, reinforces the central plot by starting with Chapter 2 (you’ll find Chapter 1 at the end). Kenson suggests that this could be a good adventure for beginning an ICONS campaign, because many details of the campaign world are “up for grabs” and need not be learned before playing through this scenario. Longtime Avengers fans will perceive Master Tulku’s true identity immediately, but that doesn’t really lessen the fun. Aside from Houser’s artwork, the formatting is quite spare, even more minimalist than the norm than Adamant’s ICONS materials have set. There are a few little grammatical annoyances, and a few really noticeable errors that should have been caught in proofreading, such as the reference to "p. @@" of the ICONS rulebook on p. 7 of the adventure, and the fact that the word “page” is capitalized in the footers of even-numbered pages but not in the footers of the odd-numbered pages. Those kinds of things hold me back from giving the product a full five stars, but they shouldn’t hold you back from getting an evening or two of superheroic role-playing from this adventure.

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