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ELVES Set 1 - Forest Ambush $3.50 $2.45
Publisher: PERMES
by John K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/24/2012 09:40:17

These two initial sets have raised the bar very high and are very good value for money. Permes, the Polish based publisher has thousands of beautifully crafted cardboard figures in non-garish colours in their inventory. This Set, part of their World of Fantasy Range, highlights the gorgeously coloured and outfitted Wood Elf Warriors in ambush. It provides more figures than my card table can accommodate, but they are so useful, not just for Fantasy Wargaming, but Fantasy Roleplaying too. With scenery they will make up as lovely dioramas too. All figures have good poses. There is a fair variety of figures including specialists. I look forward to gaming with them.

Not being a Polish speaker, I am very glad that the rest of these products will, hopefully, be available in DriveThruRPG. These are Elves, but the Polish site has Dwarves, Monsters, Fantasy armies, Roman, Persians, Greek, Dark Ages and Medieval, Renaissance, some Napoleonic, Wild West, Samurai, Swashbucklers and Pirates, and other assorted offerings. I wish Permes Carboard Models well.

'Tak!' or 'Thank you' - one of the very few bits of Polish that I've picked up... ;o)

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ELVES Set 1 - Forest Ambush
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