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Supplement 9: Campaign Guide
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Publisher: Mongoose
by John D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/01/2012 20:18:49

The editing of this book is absolutely atrocious. Spelling and grammatical errors abound, making it painful to read. Many of the tables and events are singularly unsuited to use in a standard Traveller milieux; OTU fans may experience blurring of vision or slight nausea. The events tend to strongly disregard the hard-science basis of Traveller and go for the far-out, with things like "Planetary radiation has caused the villagers to be immortal and infertile", and "An unexplained space phenomenon transports the Player Characters’ ship to another galaxy." The actual rules content is haphazard and often neglects any PC capabilities or actions; lots of chances for summary execution, possession by aliens, or other unpleasant ends with 'no save'. Many of the tables are either so situational as to be useless, or general but have events that could only occur under fairly specific circumstances which will often not be met if rolling just based on the table type.

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Supplement 9: Campaign Guide
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