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Extreme Future Galaxy Politics Map $0.00
Publisher: Starbright
by David E S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/15/2012 20:32:03

This is a one page (letter-size) PDF map of a space setting.

On the good side, I'm sure that this would be of some use to a GM running a game in the Extreme Future setting. It's clearly labeled for the most part.

On the bad side, let's start with a technical issue. We're downloading this as a one-page letter-size PDF with generous margins. Using PDF disassembly tools on it, it turns out it's a 3000x3000 JPG stuck in a PDF. It's a lot easier to do things with a JPEG then a PDF; I can print it with my margins, I can easily print it on European-sized paper, I can print it poster-size, etc. The only advantage I can see of turning this into a PDF is that DriveThruRPG can watermark it, which isn't a huge advantage with a free product.

Next, the background of the image is probably a NASA photo. It's sort of pretty, until you realize this is supposed to be our galaxy, but this is not a picture of our galaxy, nor of any barred spiral galaxy; I believe it's a picture of a nebula, not a galaxy of any type.

On top of that are straight lines breaking this up into sectors of some sort. It's interesting that there's nine radial sections. So why are the Core Worlds bounded by circles divided eight-fold? By itself this section is intriguing, though I would hope that some of the irregularities were explained in game.

The top level shows various sections where various polities are. With one exception, the grid discussed above is ignored completely. With no exceptions, the underlying photo is ignored. Every section is a neat rectangle, and The Wall is a perfect semi-circle. The concept that polities in the real world tend not to be neat and even seems to have escaped our cartographers. (And again, the galaxy? If this is supposed to be our galaxy, humanity's homeworld is nowhere near the center.) This whole section looks slapdash; someone loaded up the background in a graphic editor and tossed some rectangles on there and called it done.

It feels like someone whipped it up in a week for a game. Even as such I would still have quibbles. If it were in a RPG book, I would feel it was pretty bad, but still usable. As an advertisement for a system, it's appalling. Surely--hopefully--this is not the best the publishers can show for their setting.

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Extreme Future Galaxy Politics Map
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