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Beasts & Barbarians Golden Edition
Publisher: GRAmel
by Eric L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/18/2012 02:04:02

I'm glad I'm updated my Player's Guide copy to the Golden Edition. The Book of Lore (Gazetteer) offers enough information about the different locales and provide enough hooks to craft your own adventures. The Gear section offers new weapons and armors that adds flavor to characters. The new Edges offers fun options to characters.

I haven't tried it yet but the Adventure Generator is a new take on a tool we've seen before. It requires a bit more work from the GM but instead of producing random results it gives the GM the tools to come up with his own story. It stimulates your creativity. The Setting Rules are few but enough to give this Sword & Sorcery feel. The Bestiary is filled with new monsters and archetypes of the Dread Sea Dominions' inhabitants. This 210 pages document also contains a great adventure that I can't wait to run for my players. The Map reminds me of old school rpgs maps, as if hand drawn.

The layout is beautiful, the black and white artwork will blow your mind and everything is laid out to be easily read and found.

Overall, I find it highly inspirational and evocative of the genre. Material like the Edges, Hindrances, Gear, Carousing Rules and Bestiary can also be used with other settings like fantasy.

Every product I download (because Gramel offers great free support products) or buy from Gramel is of great quality. You can tell these guys love what they do and care what we (buyers) think about the work they put out. There are already several adventures and tales out for purchase or to download for free. I can only expect more great products to come!

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Beasts & Barbarians Golden Edition
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