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Publisher: Avalon Game Company
by Geoffrey W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/25/2012 21:49:49

Two stars. There was potential here. Lots of people like it because it's a mash of star wars and star trek, along with a MESS of other sci fi properties with the numbers filed off. I wanted to like it for the same reasons, but I can't.

Ultimate it's too slim on information for anything OTHER than the Federation, and even in that regard it really only tells you details about how the StarForce and AstroPol operate. The Empire, the Old Earth Empires... the core book basically disregards them. Even the Criminal sections don't mention much other than AstroPol. It's really disappointing. Hell, there isn't even detailed information on the history of anything other than Human expansion in the galaxy. Each alien species has its own little blurb in its own little section, and other than those blurbs they're barely mentioned in the text of the setting chapter.

I know that there are other source books, but for even the most basic information about the structure of these other portions of the galaxy to be nearly completely absent from the core game? It's egregious. I haven't even gotten to the system information yet. I'll read it eventually, maybe the Fuzion system itself is worth the purchase of this book... otherwise, however, I can't recommend this. If someone goes through it, trims some fat and then gives all the Galactic civilizations equal treatment, then we'll talk.

PS: Why are the Ranger starships (Peacekeepers) given a write-up TWICE? You get very detailed information in the AstroPol Ranger section and then a full ship writeup in the back with the rest of the ships. Things like this are what I'm talking about. The layout isn't very good on top of a heavy bias toward one group.

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